Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eight Years Later...

... and I'm still blogging. Granted, no longer daily (and this year we'll even say "rarely"), but I'm trying to be more consistant again. I find that it really helps for me to keep track of what I'm working on.

I started blogging back in 2002 as a way to keep track of my knitting progress. The idea was to help me stay focused on projects. It certainly has helped on some levels, and I'm so glad that I've been journalling projects for the last 8 years.

I've gone back thru a lot of my blogs (mostly since I switched to blogger a few years ago, the pre-blogger blogs are basically gone). It's fun to read what I thought of projects as I was working on them. It's scary how many projects were started and stalled (or were frogged). It's also amazing how totally krappy some of my photographs were (still not great, but a HUGE improvement, that's for sure!)

This was the project I was working on when I first started blogging:

Cornwall by Alice Starmore knit in Cascade 220

The photo is more recent (it's dated 2008), as I re-photographed it before I changed the neckband. Matt never liked the open neckband, so it was frogged and after many attempts, a ribbed neckband was put back on (which I don't have a photograph of anywhere. Hmmmm, need to fix that! Where's my model????)

So, while blogging isn't quite the "thing" anymore (let's face it, most twitter or facebook now, plus there's Ravelry), I plan on continuing to blog. I love having a reference for my projects! So thanks for all the page hits over the years, I hope you keep stopping by occassionally!


  1. Love your blog and send you to lots of friends. Your summary if projects is so good. I check you everyday and just know you will be back soon. After last year I'm almost surprised you are still knitting.

  2. congrats on eight years. I agree, everyone is moving a bit more towards the instant gratification methods, but I do hope blogs don't die out completely. Glad you are still around.


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