Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rainy days are for frogging!

Even tho' Fallout: New Vegas arrived this morning, I hope to spend some time with my TLC Ribby today. (If I can stop playing Mass Effect. I have issues).

I love everything about this top... except the neckline. The photo is one of many attempts to try to do a double layer insert. It's not working.

I finally realized that the biggest issue is the scoop. It's too scoopy (it's waaaaaay too low for me) and it's not what I actually want. I realized that I'm going to be happier with a traditional 2x2 rib neckband.

So I'll frog it back to the start of the neckline (which is basically the entire yoke) and re-do it. This pullover is perfect for this time of year and I love the colors. The TLC Cotton Plus is soft and easy care.

Meanwhile, the mitered crochet afghan is done and waiting for me to switch laundry so I can wash and dry it. Matt and I have decided that it's perfect for Project Linus (good size and kid friendly colors), so I'll drop it off later this week. I'll have finished photos/project stats probably tomorrow!

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  1. The scoop is definitely LOW! If you would want a scoop, bringing it up about three inches might work.


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