Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prevent Defense?

I've been playing around with some projects lately, and I'm still working on the yoke for my TLC Ribby. I really wanted something "New!". So here's a new project (sorta):

This is actually a restart. I've always loved this Jean Frost cardigan (it's called "Bobbly-pointed edges" and it can be found in the Best of Knitters: Jackets).

I originally started it in Cotton Ease. I loved it, but I kept screwing up the lace pattern (what? I have to pay attention on the wrong size???? eeks). After some thinking, I also realized that the Cotton Ease might not block well for the lace (of course I could "swatch and block" uh. huh.). Instead, I decided to just simply start over. A fresh start.

I also decided to start with a sleeve. I really should do this more often, as I find it really helps with the second sleeve syndrom later.

I'm making a few changes. The sleeve is going to have to be a little wider and much much shorter (the sleeves are too long on the tall model from the book... imagine them on me!).

My first version, I just didn't do the bobbles, but I do think it looked odd without. So I did them, but I made a smaller bobble. I think it's just enough.

I'm also using a great yarn. Kathmandu DK, so it's going to be very light and soft. At first I wasn't sure the pattern stitch would show up, but I'm happy with it. (btw: the color is Hot Pink!!, not as mulberry as the photo shows. I tried to color correct it in photoshop, but gave up).

So when I feel like concentrating, (did I mention that the lace pattern is worked on BOTH sides??), this is the project right now. When I need mindless, it's the TLC Ribby. Of course that's when I'm not playing Fallout: New Vegas.

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