Saturday, October 02, 2010


Let's give a shout out to fall! Now that October is here, the temp has dropped to cool and comfortable and the leaves are definitely turning (and falling, but don't tell Matt. Raking season is one of the drawbacks this time of year), it's time to dust off some snuggly soon to be winter projects:

I'm a fan of afghans, especially sampler afghans. and green (I will say that in real life these greens are not as close in color as they would appear in the photos. Really. Well, mostly.)

This is a sampler crochet afghan I've been working on for a few years, but had to rip a bunch of it back (I was losing stitches as I went, and I prefer a retangular afghan. Just sayin'):

This is an afghan from a Leisure Arts book (doing it in Woolease, which I'm finding I don't love to crochet. It's very splitty, especially with the FPS):

Here's an other samper square afghan. This one has been around for a while. I'm actually using two different booklets and using which squares I like. I'm hoping I took good notes as to which ones I've already done:

Now this one doesn't quite fit in with the rest. First, it's not green and second, It's Done! Woo!

Just a quick summery on this one. It's small. I only had enough yarn to make 16 squares, and I just used the A-Z Sampler pattern that I used for this one. It's a soft, cozy, lapghan and I'm very happy with it. Ya, I like making afghan squares. Bring on some more!

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  1. I'm impressed! I've made a couple afghans but they can take such a long time...

    I've made a couple squares of the Great American Aran Afghan, but was planning on either turning those into pillows or just doing a couple more for a baby blanket.


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