Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Too Lazy For Pictures!

Thanks to those that left me comments about my knitting. My issue is more to do with my own self confidence rather than my actual knitting. The idea behind the "wall crit" was to help you deal with critisism. However, I've had so much growing up that it does the opposite for me. To have something I designed rejected (and in a very backwords kind of way) was a much harder on my self esteem than I want it to be. Wouldn't it be nice if our logical side can over come our emotional side?

Anyway, I'm pleased with what I got done for the Master Knitter's Program yesterday. My report is in first draft. I have one swatch done and a second started. I did the seed stitch first, as for me it's the easiest to get nice even tension.

I also got to work a few rows on Patrick. I'm about an inch shy of armhole shaping. I will say in retrospect, that this yarn is too heavy for the pattern/gauge. It's very tight and a little hard to work. If I were to start over, I would use the Beaverslide worsted weight rather than the fisherman weight.

I do have an other project on the needles. I like to have something mindless to work on, so I started a top down pullover from Knitting Pure & Simple in Classic Elite's Beatrice. uh, YUM! It's great. I'll try to get pictures of it for tomorrow as well as a Patrick update.

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