Monday, January 07, 2008

Know thy own crap

Part of the joys of going to an art college is the "wall crit". It's when you get to put your work up in front of the class and everyone gets to critique it. It's a fun process. In a typography class, we did this per project, then at the end of the year, we put up out entire class work.

So I put up my work and the professor asked me what I thought of it. I responded. "I think my first half of year's work turned out okay, but the second half stuff is crap". He gave me an A. Bascially he felt that being able to recognize my own crappy work was as important as actually being able to produce quality work.

I have a BFA, yet I've never worked as a designer or illustrator. I've only interviewed for maybe 3 jobs with my portfolio. We have none of my artwork up in our house. 'Cause I know it's crap.

Every once in a while, I forget that and try to do something. That happened over the weekend. I was indirectly told that something I had done was crap. So now I feel like crap. Even tho' I know that I'm not a designer nor an illustrator.

Here's the real problem. I'm working on the Master Knitter Program Level 1. I think I'm a pretty competent knitter. However, I'm not sure I want someone looking at it and telling me it's crap. Knitting is one of the few things that I feel good about myself with. I'm a cocky knitter, sure. I actually have a lot of self confidence with my skills, maybe too much so. So I'm not sure if I'm ready for the wall crit with it in case it is crap.


  1. I know the feeling......which is probably why I've dilly-dallied for 18 months about doing it. {grin}

  2. I think your knitting is beautiful. But maybe you don't need any second opinions!

  3. Marcia9:08 PM

    Seems to me a good critique should inspire you and make you think, not make you feel like you produce crap!


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