Friday, January 11, 2008

Seeking a new hobby...

I tried on Beatrice yesterday. It's going to require some frogging and some math. The pattern doesn't give row gauge... which is actually quite important when doing a raglan sweater. I'm fine on the stitch gauge, but it's certainly not working row gauge wise.

The thing is huge on me... mainly because the armholes end almost at my waist. Yes, I'm short, but geeze who needs armholes to be that large? The sleeves are also huge on me... a true rarity (I'm the one that struggles with these 13" sleeves on patterns right now). By my math these sleeves will be 17.75" around. That's almost 3 inches larger than I need.

I noticed that all the sizes have the same number of stitches cast on for the underarms... rather you are making the 38" or the 54". So I'm thinking that it's a problem for all the larger sizes... as you go up in size, the deeper the sleeves get.

So I'll frog back the partial sleeve that I have done, frog back the body until I have a comfortable sleeve depth, then compensate with additional stitches under the arms.

Good thing I went ahead and did the neckband and started the sleeves before I had much done on the body. I save myself a lot of heartache and ripping.

This is my second Knitting Pure and Simple pattern. My Adara Pullover is one of my favorite sweaters and I didn't have this problem. I did make a smaller size (that's a tee shirt style sweater and this is a sweatshirt style sweater where I plan on wearing something underneath it so I need more ease) plus it's a tighter gauge.

So yesterday was one of those days. I was playing with my new Elann silk and it didn't work for the project I wanted it for, the needles I was using on the Beatrice broke (my last order of Knitpicks needles were VERY disappointing... oh and my email about it went unanswered). Then the bonus of having to rip out several days work of a project that was supposed to be simple and mindless.

I think I'll take up flower arranging.

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. Knitting can be wonderful and so darn challenging at the same time! The good side of things is that your Patrick is just looking wonderful and Beatrice is made from nice yarn (if nothing else, you can use the yarn to knit a different sweater). Good Luck!


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