Monday, January 14, 2008


Keeping to a few projects is sooo hard for me. I'm struggling with how slow Patrick is right now. I swear I've been working on it, yet I still have 4" to go on the back. I have Beatrice back to the first sleeve. I shortened the yoke quite a bit and added the difference to the underarm cast on. We'll see how it works. Basically I'll have to have knit almost 3 sleeves for this sweater. Yay, and I soooo love knitting sleeves.

So my eyes have been wandering looking for something else to work on. I like casting on projects. Doesn't matter how many are in my closet waiting for me to finish. Doesn't matter that I have swatches and writing to do for the Master Knitter program. I want to cast on something!!!

Dreary and dark Mondays seem to be made for a new project!!! Or game playing....

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