Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let's Wrap It Up

Today will be the final installment of the Year In Review. I had hoped to have both Mermaid and Ike done by the end of the year, but I blame Bioshock (ya, I played thru it 5 times). Ike still is on track to be finished by the end of the year... and fingers crossed by Christmas morning (I'm on the last sleeve).

Okay, let's see where we are with my 2007 finished projects (again, just click on the photo to go to the archive page for that project for all the details).

Olde Peddler Crochet Shawl:

My first "for sale" pattern. I wrote this pattern specifically for Theresa to teach an advanced beginner crochet class at Olde Peddlers Wool in Morgantown. I used some of Fearless Fibers handdyed lace weight yarn, which I can't say enough how much I loved working with. Laceweight wool and crochet work really well together and the drape and color of this shawl was just what I had in mind. It's still on display at the shop, so I haven't used it much, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Initial feelings: love the yarn and was pleased with the pattern
Current feelings: very happy with the results (again, haven't used the shawl itself, so can't judge that).

Basketweave Ribbed Socks:

OMG! A pair of frickin' socks. Ya, I actually quite enjoyed knitting these. Again, a yarn from Fearless Fibers, which is just lovely to work with. The pattern was simple, yet interesting. The sock and pattern worked perfectly together and I wear these socks a lot actually.

Initial feelings: love the yarn and pattern
Current feelings: comfy and well worn socks

Adara Chic

Photo isn't really "up to date", as I do have a beautiful clasp on it now. What can I say about this? I love love love it. I delibrately made this a little small, as I knew that the Adara stretches as it's worn. It fits perfectly. I love the color. The clasp is perfect. I wore this a lot at the end of the summer/early fall this year.

Initial feelings: love the yarn and pattern and was very pleased
Current feelings: love love love it!

The Newport Cardigan:

This was one of the disappointments of the year. The pattern is lovely, the yarn is lovely, my body... not so much. My heavy upper arms and this sweater just don't work together. I'm optimistic that it will fit eventually, but right now, it's sitting in my closet waiting for me to drop a little more weight. I also might try a second blocking to see if I can open up the sleeves a bit more.

Initial feelings: disappointed in the fit, but love the pattern and the yarn
Current feelings: not changed

Matt's Bad Ass Biker Skully:

I love this hat, as does Matt. Even if he can't wear it biking (it's cascade 220 and I think it would felt to his head under his bike helmet). However, Matt does want me to make it a little longer as it doesn't quite cover his ears. Which is fine. I don't like the decreases on the top anyway. I would rather it be a little more shaped than the gathered style. I just need to find the rest of the black cascade 220 and rip back and redo.

Initial feelings: aaaawwwwhhhh, look at the cute little skulls and crossbones
Current feelings: needs a minor fit fix, but still a favorite!

Okay, so that's what I've finished this year... at least what was blog worthy. I've also done some afghan blocks for class (one a month... so that's 12 blocks so far this year) and some other class stuff.

I'll try to have some actual current project photos up tomorrow.

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  1. You have knit so many gorgeous things this year! And it looks like most were hits rather than misses for you.


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