Monday, December 17, 2007

Day Two of the Year in Review

A quick current project update before we look back on the year's knitting.

Matt's Ike Caridgan is getting closer. I'll have the left front done today and I'm hoping to get the second sleeve past the ribbing. I'm still swatching a bit for the Central Park (no relation) Hoodie. However, it's not a priority, so it's more of a "thinking about it" rather than actual swatching.

Okay, let's get back to what I've knit this year.

The Jamaican Bag

A great pattern from the One Skein Wonders book. I used a Katia yarn (I forget the name of it) and love working the pattern. So much so that two other bags have been started (and both are almost done) as well as Lucy Neatby's Mermaid socks (same stitch pattern). It's one of those great mindless knit in the round patterns. This bag is currently at Olde Peddler's Wool in Morgantown, but should be coming home soon.

Initial Impression: Loved knitting it and love the way it turned out
Current Impression: Hard to say, as it's been at the yarn shop since I finished it, so I haven't actually used it yet.

The Sitcom Chic:

Started this on Jan 1 as part of our SnB KAL. Used some beautiful TLC Cara Mia. Chose the wrong size. While I love it, and wear it around the house all the time, it's a little big for me. However, I love the pattern and the yarn (and I'm still tempted to rip it down to the sleeves attachment and work it so it's a little smaller thru the raglan shaping, either thru needle size or more raglan decreases).

Initial Impression: An easy, mindless knit (those yoke rows sure are long at first)
Current Impression: A lovely casual around the house sweater that is getting a lot of wear.

The San Fransisco Pullover:

Um, ugh. This didn't work at all. I loved the colorway of the yarn (yes, it's RH SuperSaver) and thought that it would make a nice around the house "sweatshirt" kind of project. It didn't work at all. The yarn never softened up, the design didn't work with the yarn and again, ugh.

Initial Impression: bad choices all the way around
Current Impression: not my problem, it went to the donation center

Matt's Son of A.R.A.N. Pullover

Okay, this was by far my favorite project of the year... and up there as a favorite of all time. I knit that baby in about 3 weeks. I could not put it down. The Cotton Ease was delightful to work with. The pattern easy to work. It fits Matt perfectly. Love, love, love, and love it. (oh, and it's machine washable).

Initial impression: most fun project to knit, loved the finished project
Current impression: love love love love it! (I think Cindy needs one)

Okay that's it for today. Must work on Matt's Ike... and maybe a trip to the grocery store.

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