Friday, December 14, 2007

Ahhh, the good ol' Year In Review!

When your knitting is kinda boring and it's mid December, what else is there to do but do the annual Year In Review.

I like doing this, as sometimes my initial reaction to a finished project isn't always what I feel about it after some time has passed and I've seen how the project actually works in the "real world". So let's get started!

First up: the Because I Love You Ribbed Pullover.

This was made upon request. Matt wanted just a ribbed mock turtleneck in a soft yarn. I wasn't so sure how I felt about doing all that 2X2 ribbing, but ended up being a nice mindless project. I had planned on finishing it for him for Christmas last year, but ran out of time, so it was finished in early January.

Initial feelings: glad it's done and he loves it
Current feelings: he still loves it and wears it quite a bit

Next up: the Tie Front Crochet Shrug

This was a quick and easy project done in Lustersheen from a Leisure Arts booklet. The original version is very cropped. I added some length so it hits me at my waist.

Initial feelings: I wasn't sure if it was "me". I thought it was cute, but was weary of actually ever wearing it
Current feelings: I've worn it several times, and I have to say that it's a lovely little spring cardigan. So I'll say that it's a success.

Next up: The Ribby Cardigan

Okay, first let me say that I need to get a better photo of this one. I used Red Heart Tweed (discontinued) for this and the Chicknits pattern. I have some minor issues with the pattern (the sleeves are a little snug and there's a funny roll at the back of the neck... the back neck needs some shaping). Let me say right now that this gets worn more than anything else that I've made this year. Both Matt and I wear it and we wear it a lot. It's flattering (even with the roll at the back of the neck), extremely comfortable and very stylish. This pattern will be knit again, with some minor modification to fix the little things that I don't like about it.

Initial feelings: I was so annoyed with the tight sleeves and the back neck roll that I didn't think it would get much wear.
Current feelings: the most worn item made this year.

Last project for today: The Half Linen Cardigan

I had purchased some yarn from Brooks Fiber Farm, but there were only two skeins available. I was browsing thru my books and stumbled across the "Linen to Gold" from the Best of Knitters: Jackets book and thought this yarn would be lovely in the pattern. Uh, ya, it was perfect. This knit up so incredibly quickly and I had just the right about of yarn (less than 2 yds were left after I was finished). An other project that I plan on doing again, even in the same yarn (different colorway), however I got three skeins to make it longer.

Initial feelings: what a great pattern for this yarn!
Current feelings: love it and wear it to most knitting events

Okay, that's it for today as far as the Year in Review goes. Just a quick update on current WIP's.

Keith's biker beanie is done... and gone. Matt took it with him today and I didn't get a pic of it before it left. I'll try to get a picture of Keith modeling it. The colors do match their cycling kits perfectly (let's hope the 2008 kits are the same colors!).

Matt's Ike is progressing. I'm now done with the back, one sleeve and the right front. The left front in on the pocket. Still optimistic that I can have it done by Christmas

Now that the Central Park (no relation) Hoodie is available for individual purchase, I bought it and I'm swatching it. I'm already thinking that TCL's Heathers might be perfect for it (and since I have soooooooooo much of it).

In some sad news, I had ordered some Estelle Silk from Elann and it's never arrived. Elann says I have to wait to the 17th before it's officially "lost", but I've never had a priority package take longer than 5 days and we're up to 19 days since it shipped.

Okay, off to switch laundry and maybe do some swatching.


  1. Wow, I can't believe this was all a year ago already. I think it's interesting you like things more once they're done than you think you will. I think I should hurry up and finish some things, I bet I will be like you and surprise myself by liking sweaters even though right now I have "concerns". Food for thought!

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Time to make Matt his own Ribby Cardi,eh? You've made some nice things this year and it's all the better when handknits pass the wear-it-a-lot test. Kristen (audioknits)


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