Friday, December 28, 2007

Cake and grief counceling will be available at the conclution of this blog

Yeah, I'm playing Portal right now. All I can say is "brilliant".

So, what's that doing to my knitting. Eh.

I have one sleeve shortened on Ike for Matt. Should be able to get the second done today... maybe. We're in middle of some construction. Or rather, Matt is. I've done practically nothing. However, doors need to be painted, and that's my territory (see, that BFA does come in handy. 4 years in an art school and I can paint doors).

So, what else have I been working on? Mermaid? uh, no.

Central Park (no relation) Hoodie
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My Central Park (no relation) Hoodie. This actually falls into my "two mistakes and frog it" rule, but I'm not sure if I really need to. I actually have quite a few mistakes. After complaining about the poorly written pattern for Ike, I guess I should admit that I really don't read my patterns. I take the numbers for casting on, set up and any decreases/increases. Then I sort of just make assumptions. IE: I'm a very cocky knitter.

So because of that there are several things on my CPH that aren't "right". I use a long tail cast on, but due to my not paying attention to my set up row (I did blindly follow the pattern), the bumpy side of my cast on would've been on the public side. Which I don't like on 2X2 ribbing (however, I prefer the bumpy side on 1X1 ribbing). So the ribbing starts with 2 purl stitches instead of 2 knit stitch. Okay, no biggie. I can live with that.

Next problem. I didn't make the ribbing long enough. Hey, I'm short. Do I really need 4" of 2X2 ribbing? Eh, probably not. An other no biggie.

Pattern? Oh, yeah, it does give the cable pattern. I didn't bother checking the cable pattern. Just did my crosses every 6th row (since it's a 6 row cable). Well, after looking at the Ravelry photos, looks like I might have wanted to check the pattern. My cables cross more often than the pattern. Again, not a biggie and I think it looks fine. However, it might effect my gauge a bit. A cable that crosses more often is going to draw the fabric in a bit more.

So at this point, do I continue or restart? The error that bothers me the most is the ribbing starting with the 2 purl stitches. It's going to be more of a challenge for seaming and I don't think it will look as finished.

If I were smart (and I'm not making any comment on that here), I would start over. However, I'm going to handle it the way I handle all my problems. Ignore them and hope they go away. Meaning, I'll probably toss it aside for a bit and work on something else.

Like Roam:

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I can not get a decent color on this. Any sunlight washes out the colors and without sunlight, the colors look muddy. If looking for a purely mindless project, this is it. Seed stitch, then some seed stitch, and then some seed stitch. I have a little color pooling, but not terribly so. I love the drape I'm getting with my yarn and this is going to be a great light weight summer jacket. After I do all that seed stitch.

Okay, off to run some errands then settle in for some painting. Oh and by the way. The cake is a lie.

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