Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ike is done... sorta

Ike on Matt
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So, yes I did finish Ike. However, there is a problem. A long problem. Those sleeves are almost 4" too long. The picture doesn't really show how long they are (Matt pushed them up a bit). Since Matt is 5'5", too long sleeves aren't real flattering. The whole point of me making him sweaters is so that they fit him properly, and so the sleeves will go thru a little surgery this week (yes, I'll be cutting off the excess fabric and redoing the ribbing).

This comes back to the pattern and it's directions, or rather, lack of. There is no info on how long to work the sleeves. There is no schematic, and I used the "sleeve legnth measurement" on the pattern. Not taking into consideration the sleeve cap.

Let me say this was the poorest written pattern I have ever used. In retrospect, I should've just chucked it and done it myself. This would've made a lot more sense to do it top down. I ended up having to figure out a lot of stuff myself and I changed the pockets anyway.

Okay, let's do the project stats:

Pattern: Ike by Black Purl Designs
Yarn: Queensland Katmandau Aran
Problems with the pattern: too many to list. There's a lot of missing informtion, some misleading information and some basic issues with copy editing.
Changed to the pattern: Mostly the pockets.
Overall Impressions: Love the yarn. Hated the pattern. Fits Matt fairly well (and will be better after I shorten those sleeves). So I'll give it a C on the pattern and an A on the yarn.

Wishing everyone the best this holiday season!!

An update: I replaced the zipper with one that is a better color match and I shortened the sleeves: a huge improvement!

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