Monday, November 05, 2007

Who Says Swatching Isn't Fun?

Check out the swatch for Matt's new cardigan:

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I'm using a Black Purl pattern called Mike & Ike, and I'm sort of combining the two patterns. It's a zippered front cardigan with pockets, but the pattern has you do garter stitch borders. However, I'm doing the 2X2 rib from the pullover version.

The yarn is the Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran in a beautiful shade of brown (Webs just put it on closeout last week... a wool/silk/cashmere blend for less than $5/ball... woo hoo!).

I think I'll do an other 5-6", then swatch the sleeve shaping... just to make sure it's the right gauge.

The other productive knitting?

click to enlarge

Mermaid is still progressing. Yes, it has slowed down a bit... I blame the end of baseball season. Saying that, I'm just about to get to the last section (the right front) then just the sleeves. There's not a lot of finishing on this one since the body is knit in one piece... so I think I'm looking at this being done before the end of the year no problem.

Our SnB group meets tonight, and I'm hoping to go. I've been so run down for the last couple of months, that it's been hard to make it out (especially at night). However, we think we've found the problem and hopefully, I'll be back on track soon.

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  1. Hope you can make it. It'll be good to see you.


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