Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not much to show...

...yet, lots of decision making.

I spent yesterday sort of playing around in the WIP closets. Looking at some stalled projects and figuring out why. Two projects in particular.

Marilyn and St. Brigid. I'm going to frog both.

I love the yarns in both, but I don't think either is working well with the pattern.

The Black Water Abbey in Iris is a beautiful yarn, but I think Marilyn's cables just aren't popping enough for my taste with it. I'll use a less heathered yarn for it and the Iris will be lovely for an other cabled project.

The problem with my St. Brigid is that I bought AS's Limpit for it. A beautiful dark rich purple (I bought Aran Knitting specifically for that pattern... way before I could knit it). However, the purple is actually too dark and isn't doing the complexity of the cables well. I'll use the yarn for a different project and probably use Cascade 220 (in a lighter dark purple) to knit St. Brigid.

Let me just say that there's way more I want to knit than I have time for. Which is saying a lot... as I have a lot of time to knit. I'm just trying to stay focused on 3 projects at a time and maybe I can get more done in a timely fashion.

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