Friday, November 09, 2007

When Does It Move From Swatch to Project?

Okay, Ike I guess must officially be called a "project" and no longer a "swatch". The back is done and I've cast on the first sleeve (see, the sleeves have cables while the rest of the project is straight up st. st... so the sleeves might actually be FUN for this one!).

I frogged the scarf I started for Matt's new coat. I tried a bunch of different stitch patterns and nothing was clicking. He actually bought a pretty woven scarf to go with it, so he's fine for now anyway.

So I hope to work a bit on Mermaid this weekend and maybe a few rows on the Cindy Must Knit This Cardigan. I'm running out of time to get my goal of finished sweaters done this year... so I need to keep my concentration on a few projects. Which is really hard for me. However, I'm excited to have both of those projects done so I can wear them.

Maybe I'll have some photos for Monday? No pictures makes a boring blog, eh?

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