Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm now trying to get thru HALO 3 on Heroic. It's slow going. (I miss my pistol with the zoom). I also have 3 more skulls to collect (and for no reason, as I won't be playing with them turned on... except the IWHBYD and the Grunt Birthday Party skulls... the game is hard enough for me).

Anyway, I'm working a bit here and there on Matt's Ike Cardigan. The back is done and the first sleeve is started.

Ike's Sleeve
click to enlarge

Ugh, horrid picture. It's too dark and dreary this morning to get anything even resembling the beauty of this project. Matt's pretty excited about it, and that's always very motivating for me.

However, I think I'll concentrate on Mermaid a bit today. I've really been neglecting it, and I only have the right front and the sleeves to do yet. Two more projects finished by the end of the year means I need to concentrate on the projects at hand.

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  1. Too funny - my husband is home today (he's officially "working from home" but admitted that what he's really doing is waiting for the mailman) so that once his copy of Assassin's Creed shows up he can play it all afternoon!

    I found your blog via Ravelry - I've got the **exact** same Elann alpaca (even in the 'Cactus' colour!) as you used to make your Cropped Cardy and was wondering how it is holding up to everyday wearing & washing. I was going to knit a top-down cabled raglan out of it, but alas I read in the latest issue of Interweave that alpaca tends to really droop and sag - and isn't great for cables. The last thing my build needs is more droop & sag - so I was wondering if I should abandon the alpaca for this sweater & pick something different, or if you actually found it to be quite up to the task of contending with some major cables with nary a drag or a droop in sight?


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