Thursday, November 15, 2007

Progress, Sans Photos

It's really raining this morning, so I'm not going to bother with photos. Ike doesn't photograph well in good light... forget about dreary and raining.

I have to say that the pattern for Ike is pretty bad. Looks like they may have skipped an editing phase, as some of the errors are basic copy editing mistakes. Most of the mistakes are obvious if you've had any experience knitting, but reading the directions is a bit of a challenge (and you do have to read everything... even if it's listed under a different size, as some of the directions are listed under one size, but not an other). Luckily, I only read directions for the numbers (and oh, some of those are missing too).

One of the problems I've found is that after all the sleeve increases are done, the directions have you immediately start the sleeve cap shaping. Which would've given me about a 15" sleeve. Now Matt's a little on the short side... but even for him 15" sleeves is a bit short. Again, no biggie, it's very obvious, but just a little irritating. So this is definitely not a "blind pattern reading" project.

I'm still loving how it's turning out. The yarn is just scrumptious and I know Matt's really going to love it (He's been wearing my Ribby a lot and it looks great on him... must get him one, one of these days).

As far as other knitting goes... I've worked a bit on Mermaid and I'm officially on the right front, with the first gusset done. So that's only one more gusset to go.

I'm trying to stay focused on these two projects right now. It's hard for me. I'm itching to cast something on (especially on a dark, dreary, raining morning). Maybe after I finish the sleeve for Ike...

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