Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Green Cardigans Rock!

The Cindy Must Knit This Cardigan is moving along well... considering that I also finished Halo 3 yesterday (oh, and I threw the Xbox version of Half Life 2 in the 360 to see how it ran... it was very choppy on the Xbox and hard to play. I can't play my PC version on my new computer, as it's not configured to be a gaming machine. So far, it's much smoother. I haven't gotten to the driving/shooting sequences and that was were I had the most problems on the Xbox. I'll keep ya updated. Since I know it's something that you are worrying about).

I'm past the armhole shaping and just counting off the number of rows to the shoulder shaping for the Cindy Must Knit This Cardigan.

However, I do need a break from cables every once in a while, so I'm working on the Newport Cardigan:

Newport Cardigan
click to enlarge

I'm at the armhole shaping for the back. I'm not used to doing "big needle knits" so I'm always surprised how quickly it goes. The yarn is delightful to work with (RYC's Soft Tweed) so it's flying off the needle (only complaint about the yarn is the lack of spit splicing ability... and I can live with that!).

So I'm basically just switching back and forth on those two projects, and obsessively looking for yarn to crochet this. (she actually used Elann's Sonata, but she split it... halving the yarn to make it a lighter weight yarn. I'm not sure I want to spend the time doing that...)

Okay, here's the weird thing about that crochet top. I tried to design it already. Earlier this year I was trying to design my own top down crochet top using Elann's Sonata (remember this?). That's right, it's the same yarn... and EXACTLY THE SAME STITCH PATTERN!!!! so obviously I was on the right track, just lost patience with the project (it's a math thing). However, I do prefer her lighter weight version. I think that was part of the problem with mine. It was heavier than I wanted. I like my crochet to be light... the nature of crochet makes it naturally heavy, so thinner yarns work best. So I'm obsessing about finding the right yarn (in the right color).

However, I should concentrate on the projects on hand... or play thru Halo 3 again (oh, and if you're wondering... the gameplay is better than Halo 2, and the story is better... but I hate crappy endings. Ah, the joys of Cash Cow Franchises in gaming).

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