Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh Krap!

I spent yesterday working on the Crochet Shell Cardigan. I'm making this one up as I go, and so I'm spending a lot of time ripping back and reworking an area. But since it's crochet, that's not that big a deal... it's easier to rip back and it's a much faster process than knitting.

I reworked the front neck shaping several times before I got what I wanted. Now I've lost track of how many times I've reworked the sleeves. However I finially got something I like:
Nice short sleeves.

So I got the one done and tried to do the same thing on the other side. For some reason I couldn't get them to match.... one is longer than the other (and when I added an extra repeat to the short one, it became too long).

Well, I found the problem... and it's not a good one. One shoulder has four shells and one has 3 shells. Of course that's going to make one sleeve longer than the other! It also means that I've got to undo basically the whole project. Krap!!!!

So this project is getting a time out... I'm also soooo tired of this shell, and it's "heavier" than I wanted. So I think I'll put it aside and think about if I want to finish it or use this lovely yarn for something else.

In more positive news, I put the Minty Fresh Cardigan on yesterday and Matt thinks it's really cute. The collar definitely doesn't work (too soft), so I think I'll just take the collar off, throw some buttons on it and I'll have a cozy cropped V neck cardigan to wear. I did a little "stretching" and it's fitting better. Some real blocking will help it to keep it's shape.

So right now I'm just trying to get something to work! (apart from upgrading all my weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal). Maybe I should just cast on a new project (heehee... like I need an excuse?)

Keep on Knittin'!

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