Monday, February 19, 2007

A Special Presidents Day Blog!

Okay, not really.

Ya, I'm still here. Seems that I miss a couple of days and people begin to worry. I just haven't had that much to update and haven't been online that much last week.

So let's do a quick catch up.

The Minty Fresh Cardigan is a bust. The yarn is too soft and the collar is too drapey. It's a wee bit small (I have upper arm issues) so I'm ignoring it for now. I'll decide if I just want to take the collar off of it and use it as a V neck cardigan... but weight loss will also have to be involved.

However, I sure do love my green cardigans.
The Jean Frost Cardigan from the XRX Jackets book is moving along. So the swatch right front is done, even after I had huge issues with maintaining the lace and doing the shaping... ya, I love knitting lace. Even easy lace.

A detail of the lovely pattern:

I've also been moving along on the Brooks Fiber scarf. I'm trying to get one repeat done a day (breakfast knitting!) so I'm up to 6 repeats done (no picture).

I'm still working on the self designed crochet cardigan, but struggling a bit with the sleeves and how much yarn I have. I might end up with short sleeves... or I could order more yarn (heehee).

I've also been playing a lot of video games. I'm replaying one of the Ratchet and Clank games... and waiting for the PSP game to be released. Oh, and waiting to actually get a PSP...

However, it's getting close to the start of the race season. It's been a busy time here getting the kits designed and ordered. The team's race bikes came in:
There's been a lot of discussion on wheels (seems the stock wheels are way too heavy for racing...).

Meanwhile, my job has been trying to clean up the team's logo so they can get some merchandise made up (to make some money). Matt's setting up a CafePress store, but I'm afraid my artwork isn't clean enough to print well... so I've been playing around with it:

So we're just trying to stay warm (tho Matt did get a ride in yesterday and hopes to get out today too). Searching for a good price on American Classic Magnum 300's. Playing video games and working on some knitting.

So I'll snuggle in today (no, I won't be riding outside today... or anything outside today) and get some laundry done!

Keep on Knittin'!


  1. Rosie9:52 AM

    Sorry about the minty green cardigan. Luckily you have several happier projects to fall back on.

    Wanted to let you know that for their first Valentine's Day Paul was giving Vicki diamond earrings. Not sure what happened, but they came home from the store, with a Wii instead of the earrings. A girl after your own heart!!!! (And she says it's good exercise too!) sheesh

  2. Wow! THose are some pricey wheels! I'm glad to know knitting is a relatively cheap (ha ha) hobby. The lacy cabley cardigan looks great!

  3. Nice bike (Chris and I just admired the "blow up" shot) and nice lace too! It looks like a fun pattern to knit.

    I'm sorry to hear your cardigan isn't going well. I'm wondering about my camisole...I'm not liking the Rowan cotton so far.

  4. Sorry to hear about the cardigan. I hope you find a way to make it work for you, because it looks just lovely!


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