Friday, October 05, 2007

ah... beautiful fall weather

So here it is October. It's hot and humid and I'm tired of shaving my legs (Matt's done... he stops when the racing season is over).

I'm ready for sweater weather... and more comfortable wool knittin' weather. The Cindy Must Knit This Cardigan is still on the back. (the humidity and the size has slowed my enthusiasm a bit... but I'm trudging thru it). I'll have the back done this weekend no problem.

I've spent some time adding some more projects into Ravelry. I'm at the 50% point: 35 finished projects to 35 WIP's. I'm not done with the WIP's (and I haven't touched socks/scarves. I'm concentrating on sweater projects right now). I haven't even thought about "the stash" yet.

There's good things about doing this and bad things. First I'm excited to see some projects that got put back into the closet (out of sight out of mind... and Matt doesn't get that. Once I put the project "away"... I'm less likely to work on it). I've also abandoned two projects after seeing them finished. That's also a good thing. However, as I log stuff in, and as I look at projects on Ravelry, I'm overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration.

I still think I can finish at least two more projects this year... and potentially even three. I just gotta stop casting stuff on (Matt wants to know why I have so many needles that I can have that many projects started).

In other exciting news. Our answering machine is broken. We have no idea for how long. My hairdresser called yesterday to remind me about my appointment today. Since I always let the answering machine pick up those calls (so I can go back and check the time if I forget), I realized that the machine is not getting the messages. I called our phone on my cell... and it sounds like you are leaving a message, but all I get is a dial tone (we've had a couple, and just assumed people were hanging up before leaving a message). Wonder what other calls we've missed?

So I'm off to get my haircut this morning. Then I guess I should work on the afghan block for tomorrow's sampler afghan class?

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  1. OK, that explains it! I left you a message last Sunday and wondered why you hadn't called back -LOL. Nothing earth shattering, just that I found the box Matt brought over that first weekend I was in the house with 'stuff' in it. It's in a safe spot.


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