Monday, October 08, 2007

Back to Back

I've come to the conclusion that if all I needed to knit was the backs of sweaters, I would have a lot more finished sweaters...

So the back of the Cindy Must Knit This Cardigan is done, and I have the right front cast on with almost one repeat done (it's not a good photo day).

Must Have Cardigan
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Very happy with how this is looking, and I'm feeling pretty optimistic about my upsizing. I added a little to the length, too. The big challenge is the set in sleeve. I'm hoping that I did my math right so that the set in sleeve fits properly.

I've also been cranking along on the Newport Cardigan. I have the back and right front done on it with the left front well underway. The simple stockinette stitch is good straight forward knitting, and the large gauge (which is unusual for me) makes it a fast knit.

Newport Cardigan
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I still don't think I'll have it done by Stitches, but I wasn't planning on it... actually, it'll be a nice project to work on there.

I've been fiddling with some other projects here and there (as I said, the problem with putting stuff into Ravelry is that I'm distracted by my own projects). I've worked a bit on the Sunrise Circle Jacket yesterday... this one did need to have a break, as I had already finished the back, then decided that I needed a smaller size. (trying on a shop sample can be very important. I would've made this jacket way too large if I hadn't tried on it on at The Yarn Gallery... tho' my heavy upper arms still might be an issue). So I had restarted it, but knowing that I was starting over was a little discouraging... giving it a time out was a great idea. I worked up to the waist shaping yesterday. I don't think I'll give this my main focus right now, and I'm willing to bet that I'll get distracted by something else as I add more projects....

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  1. Ah, now I get it. If I actually worked on my sweater projects I might get somewhere . . .


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