Monday, April 02, 2007

It's All About The Team

Now that racing season is well underway, Matt's entire focus is on biking. It was a busy weekend, with the Friday night fundraiser and followed by the Kirkwood race on Saturday. Sunday is always a 3 hour "recovery" ride (sorry, I don't do ANYTHING for 3 hours and consider it "recovery"). Matt's blog has the race covered, but here's some fun shots from the Fundraiser:

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A shout out to the team sponsors and to the race team!

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Keith wants to know which lap is the beer lap.

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Jim giving Tom advice on how not to crash (Tom won the "bad luck" award last year with two bad crashes: first breaking his hip, the second breaking his collarbone and scapula).

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Here's Mike, Geoff (showing off his skinny former pro racing body) and Jen. Keith peeking around the side with Mike's wife (whom I'm sorry to say I didn't get a chance toe meet), then Keith's lovely wife Tara.

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The big disappointment of the evening: Bryan with his shirt on. I was at least hoping for the skin suit... be assured that I WILL get a picture of that this season...

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No knitting needles to be found, but we were busy drinking beer and oogling those big thighed hot biker bods!

The Iron Hill Brewery donated the evening's food and beer and facility. Iron Hill has been a fabulous supporter of local cycling. They are the main sponsor for the West Chester Cycling Club and and the title sponsor for the race team. Without those kinds of sponsors, the guys wouldn't be able to do this. The food was good, they provided us with a super fabulous bartender and made it easy for the guys to raise some money.

So other than that, what did I do over the weekend. As I mentioned, Matt raced all day on Saturday. I was going to go, as this is the last race I could attend for a couple of weeks, but Matt and Bryan decided to carpool, and that left me out. (ya, Bryan definitely owes me a shirtless shot now). So I knit all weekend.

Thanks to everyone about the Half Linen Cardigan. I'm really happy with it. The yarn was sooooo fabulous. I will be getting more. Oh yes, yes I will.

So in typical post project restlessness syndrome, I sort of floundered a bit on what to work on next. I worked a bit on my Mermaid, which isn't very far, but the directions are "high maintance"... more than they should be for the project. So I put it aside while I wait to hear back from Amy who's created a spreadsheet with row by row directions.

Then I remembered that I have my Spring Forward class on Saturday... guess I need to start putting my material together for that. So what did I do for it?

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Well, I started a Son of Aran Pullover for Matt, of course!!! bwahaha
I'm using the written out pattern that I purchased from Black Water Abbey and I had to rework the numbers, since I decided to use Cotton Ease in stone. It's going to be a nice 3 season pullover for Matt. So I swatched it, and worked the numbers. Oh, and I also swatched a version for me in Cascade 220 and it's blocking right now....

Since it's offically baseball season (YAY!!!), I'll run to the grocery store this morning (new neighbors, so we'll gift them with township garbage bags... we pay by the bag for garbage) then settle in to watch some day games with my knitting in hand!!!

Keep on Knittin'!


  1. Sounds like you all had a fun time! Racing season is in full swing, complete with coach & workouts, here at the seashore (or should I say inland, since that's where the races are at the moment?). It must be so nice to have ths sponsors...our team doesn't have much of that.

    I laughed when I read what you wrote about a bike, that you'll start riding when Matt starts knitting. I just take it as a point of pride that I am able to do fifty things at once, for Chris' one focus on the racing (but to be fair, his busy work season is coming up). Which reminds me, I've got to start training for the 40 mile NYC ride tonight...5 weeks to go -- yikes!

  2. Fun photos! It was a fun night! ChesCo Velo & Iron Hill ROCK!!!


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