Tuesday, April 03, 2007

That Son Of An Aran!!!

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Matt's SOA is moving along. The Cotton Ease is making a great fabric and is easy to cable. I know Matt will get a lot of wear out it!

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Mine is swatched and ready to go... when I'm back to working on wool sweaters! which can be at any time).

As much as I love the Spring Forward, the SOA is going to a great project too... and easier. I've already memorized the cable patterns (and even all the time I've spent with the Spring Forward, I still have one cable pattern that I have to follow the chart on).

So I'll be cranking along on Matt's today. I should get the back to the armhole depth today!

I'm off to get my photo license today. Should make for some quality knitting time! Okay, Lauren talked me out of going today... as I have a hair appointment next week. Well, why not go after, eh? My hairdresser is right across the street from the DMV photo place and the appointment is in the morning. Sounds good to me... and so I'll just knit today!!!!!! (this would also explain why I have a disjointed blog today... I was chatting with Lauren on IM while trying to write).

Gena says that spring is in the air:

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