Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Ribby Cardi

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The Ribby Cardi. Hmmm, a lot of 2 X 2 rib on those sleeves. However, it's obviously moving pretty quickly. I'm happy with how this is looking so far and the pattern is pretty straight forward.

It suits me right now, as I'm not sleeping. I feel jet lagged. I think a combination of not sleeping and the time change is just catching up with me. I'm tired and irritable.

I'm off to see the King Tut exhibit in Philadelphia tomorrow. It's part of an alumnae event at my college. So we have to leave bright and early tomorrow morning to see the exhibit, followed by an awards banquet. Since it's a private showing of the exhibit, it should be a nice way to see it.

So I'm off to work on the Ribby Cardi, maybe try to sneak a nap in. I need sleep!!!

Keep on knittin'!!!


  1. I love the color of the Ribby Cardi. What yarn is it?

  2. Hee, hee, hee. Nice Cardi! :-)

  3. I laughed so hard when I read your comment about the cyclists worrying about their bikes first! Chris was waiting for a new crankset, which didn't come in time for the we are so glad it didn't!! Both of us would have cried to see a brand new crank all scratched up. The hip, though not as important, seems to have healed. But I told him I knew someone who could recommend a good one if that needed replacing!!! :)

    Your sweater looks good. I'm in a stockinette mood too. :)


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