Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quick Update

We went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute this morning. It was a fundraiser for my college and was well worth the price. Since it was just us (and an other small group that came in after us), we had the exhibit to ourselves. Like maybe 30 people total.

The displays were beautifully set up allowing you to see the artifacts from every angle and since it was so small, you really could take your time to study them. Absolutely stunning. I wish we could've seen the Dali exhibit under the same conditions. (To truely appreciate Dali's masterful painting skills, you have to get close to them).

I didn't know any of the other people who attended this morning's event, so we decided to skip out on the breakfast awards thingy. (kinda like skipping out on the reception after a wedding... or even better, skipping out on the ceremony and just showing up for the reception. And yes, I did have a family member do that).

The only drawback? My shoe choice. We decided last night to take the train into the city (which was a great way of doing it), but I chose the wrong shoes for all that walking. I wear these shoes all the time, but usually with socks, not stockings. Oops. I have blisters on the bottoms of me feet. No treadmill for me. Guess I'll be riding the bike for the next few days.

Knitting update: I got that first sleeve finished up very quickly yesterday morning and ended up cranking thru half the left front (I'm at the raglan shaping already). I'm completely addicted to this pattern. Seems like a nice balance of mindless without being boring (that 2X2 rib on the side panels keeps the st. st. section nice and short). I'm shooting to finish the left front today then I'll do the second sleeve.

Some responses to comments.
Nicole (for the yarn snobs: can just move along at this point) the yarn is Red Heart's Tweed. I'm loving how soft the yarn is and the green is just lovely. The brown not as much, but it's working well with the green. The yarn has been discontinued, but it's going to work up into a nice sturdy jacket. I originally started this for Matt so he could do yard work in it (he hates the "handwash yarns"), but the tweed is too much for his taste. So I'll keep it for me!!

Debby: Matt chose an aluminum bike this year to race with. He doesn't want to crash his carbon one, which is more likely to crack. It's more the issue of "when" not "if" you crash, eh? He just checked the weather forecast for Saturday (the first race), and while we're enjoying beautiful (muggy even) spring weather, it's going to be cold again by the weekend... mid 30's. I don't think I'll go watch this race (heehee).

In other exciting biking news (okay, mostly for Debby), Matt and I got tickets to see Floyd Landis's Town Meeting in Ephrata on the 25th. This time Matt says he's not embarrassed to ask for his photo to be taken with Floyd.

Well, I'm beat. That was an early and busy morning and tonight is Stitch n Bitch. Maybe a nap (and no, I didn't sleep much last night either) then back to the Ribby Cardi!

Keep on Knittin'!

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