Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blog Cheating!

So we took the dogs to the vets this morning (Gena for her annual and Jake for the always traumatic nail clipping). Makes for an exciting, busy morning.

So let's do the easy blog! Comments!!! heehee

I forgot to give responses to Friday's blog, so we'll start there!

Debby (combining Friday and Monday's comments): Sorry to hear about C's crash! At least it was over the line! I remember one race, someone took Matt out just before the finish line, and Matt had to walk his bike over the line. He was in position to have a great finish, but ended up with a not so good finish. (and isn't funny how they worry more about the bikes?.. "oh, ya, I broke my collarbone, but the shop was able to straighten out my rim so I don't need to buy a new wheel").

Matt does do time trials, but quite frankly, he's not very good at them. Part of it is size. Time trials are all about power, and when you weight 135 lbs, you don't have a lot of power. He's also a "carrot rider", he needs to push himself with competition, and that's really tough with time trials.

Nicole & Kristen: Heehee, yes, there's no hiding in a skinsuit! Matt is not quite at racing form yet. His first race is Saturday, and he knows that he's not ready. It will be good to get the miles in, but he always does better in the hot summer months: when the temps and the roads go up (the two hardest climbing races are in July... perfect for Matt).

As for the comments about Garnet, I have to say I don't love the faded color as much as I did the periwinkle. But as you all pointed out, at least I can wear the sweater again (and I no longer have to worry about it fading anymore!). I might remake it in an other yarn in a nice bright, colorfast yarn (hmmm... Elann's Sonata, perhaps?). It was such a fun, fast knit!

Okay, speaking of fun fast knits, I must admit that I've been distracted by yet an other project (yes, I know I have issues). I blame Lauren for asking for help picking out yarn for a Ribby Cardi (she has wool issues, so we were looking for a good substitute for her). Which made me realize that I bought the pattern, and started it for Matt, but I didn't love the yarn I was using. After some stash digging, I pulled out a nice tweedy yarn in a green, bought some coordinating brown tweed and I've addictively been working on it since. I have the back done and the first sleeve at the halfway point (see, I'm trying a new strategy... sneaking the sleeves into the middle of the project to see if they are not as annoying as at the end).

Since I'm not working on the Fall Back Cardigan until class, I think I'll take these last 3 weeks (hmmm, I guess I should say 2.5 weeks) and see how much I can finish up in that time? Once class starts, the Fall Back will become the major project again!

I'll not be as lazy tomorrow and I'll post some pictures of the Ribby Cardi and anything else I work on today!

Keep On Knittin'!

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