Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quick Update

No pictures today, mainly because I'm running late with the blog and feeling lazy.

The Fall Back Cardigan is still moving along nicely. The fronts are done to the armholes and I do have the first sleeve picked up.

Sarah asked about the pattern in my comments yesterday. Well, it's actually Janet Szabo's Spring Forward Cardigan (Spring 2004 issue of Twists & Turns), but since I'm doing it in wool, I cleverly decided to call it the Fall Back Cardigan (bwahahaha).

One more comment about the Fall Back... the color is way off in the photo. I know I mention it every time I post a picture of it, but at Stitch n Bitch last night everyone commented on it. The color is a rich heathered cranberry. Not in the least bit purple. The red family is really hard to photograph and I can't get a good representation of the color. As I said, even Cascade's site doesn't show a good representation on it (it's color 9341.. I may have reversed the numbers yesterday. I do that a lot. Not good with numbers).

So I've already been for grocercies this morning (FYI: it's very cold and windy out... we've also already had to do one yard clean up from the recycling bin blow over).

I might work on Matt's sweater today, since he asked me very nicely this morning if I would work on it. I'll try to get the first sleeve fair isle section done (since I bought 2 circs on Saturday 'cause I hate doing fair isle with dpn's). I'll tell ya right now... I'm not going back out in this weather again today. (and yes, I've been flipping off the weather forecast everytime I check it).

Stay warm and keep on knittin'!

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  1. Sounds like the actual color is gorgeous too!


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