Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I did work on Matt's Natural Beauty Fair Isle yesterday. Didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but had a lot of false starts. I don't do a lot of fair isle, and even though I've discovered that I hate working fair isle with dpn's, it still took me a while to get comfortable using two circs. Now that I've increased enough to use just one circ, it's already going a lot smoother:

I'm not sure I'll work any more on it today. I really do need to get the Fall Back Cardigan done and expect I'll spend the bulk of today doing that. I would like to have the first sleeve done this week.

I am working on a crochet project too. I think it's nice to have a non knitting project to work on. Probably a little better on the hands, since the motion is different (just like the PS2 controller, right?)

This is just a simple texture stitch afghan worked lengthwise. The pattern only has 5 stitches that are repeated, but I'm going to be working in some other patterns (and already did one) so that it's more of a sampler afghan.

It's #%$@%$^ snowing out this morning. So I'm staying in and work on the Fall Back Cardigan. All I have to say is that there's 25 days to the first pitch...


  1. I love the Fair Isle and the colors you chose. That is truly beautiful!

  2. The sleev looks great to me!

  3. 25 days only - I can't wait! We are waiting on pins and needles to see if we're going to be able to get the Extra Innings package again this year (i.e., almost all the games) or if MLB is going to just give it to DirectTV folks.

    The Fair Isle sweater looks gorgeous. I need to make something in natural colors for myself.

  4. Joan: I didn't choose the colors. This is one of the rare cases that I'm actually following the pattern (heehee). I did have to switch out one color, due to it being discontinued, but it's the yarn called for in the pattern.

    Thanks Nicole!

    Nanette: I have to admit the only reason we have Direct TV is for the sports packages. We originally got it for the NFL games, but we find that the MLB one is great to have (all those day games!) I do know that you can get it thru the internet (if you have high speed), so you can either watch the games on your computer or with the right driver, thru your TV. (oh, and the Mets homepage has a countdown clock)


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