Monday, March 05, 2007

Wool and Cables Rock!!!!

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The Fall Back Cardigan is moving along well. Some starts and sputters trying to add an extra cable to the front, but I'm happy with what I ended up with. A few more rows on the left front and then it's off to the sleeves! Should get to that today, no problem!

Again, the photo is not represenative of the actual color at all. I'm using Cascade 220, color 9431 (even Cascade's scan doesn't do this color justice!). I haven't been working with a 100% wool for a while it seems, at least with cables. Now I remember why I have so much of this yarn in my stash... it is one of my all time favorite yarns.

The Sitcom Chic is slowly progressing. I'm not a huge fan of knitting st. st., but it does make for nice movie watching knitting.
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I'm thinking that the Cara Mia is just a little too loose at this gauge for my taste. We'll see how it looks when it blocks. It is making it nice and drapey... and I'm just not used to that. I like firm fabric, but then I do mostly textured knitting and that's the goal.

The Brooks Fiber Scarf is better than half way done. I will be making this pattern again, that's for sure. The lace pattern is sooo easy and I just love what it does to the hand dyed yarn (ah, a use for all that Fearless Fibers yarn I've been collecting!).

Today will be a Fall Back Cardigan day! Get that left front done and get the first sleeve picked up. For sanity's sake, I'm ignoring the frigid temp outside and I'll stay bundled up and knit!!!

Gena thinks it's good napping weather:
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Keep on Knittin'!


  1. Where is the Fall Back pattern from? I love it!

  2. Just caught up on your posts (I'm still behind from the flood, ick) and I am *amazed* at all your progress on the different sweaters. The purple Cascade looks gorgeous! And you make me feel much better with your 8 year sweater. Chris has one I call the 6 year sweater!!


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