Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm so ready for spring...

I ran up to Morgantown yesterday to Olde Peddler Wools. Darlene and I had a lovely visit as always and I came home with some yarn (hey, I heard that snort!). I've been wanting to try Kraemer Yarns Tatany Tweed and Darlene stocks the DK.

I did a small (like 2 rows) swatch. I'm going to love this yarn! It looks like wool, but it's my favorite fiber combo: cotton/acrylic. Easy care, easy to knit with and a great color palette! I'll make a bigger swatch and try some cables with it, then wash it up to see how it reacts. I'm already thinking of the Dancing Ribbons Pullover:
Click to get pattern info

However, I did a little knitting nest clean up yesterday... and holy krap I've got a lot of stuff on the needles or waiting to get on the needles. I'm running out of storage room. Which is actually quite scary, as I have a lot of storage space. I'm going to have to focus a bit and get some things done... and worry less about "easy and fast" and get some of the stalled complex things I have sitting here.

First up? The Lasso Gansey (which I was reminded of when I pulled out the pattern for the Dancing Ribbons Pullover). I am further than this photo, but I'm feeling lazy (hence the stealing of Janet's photo for today's blog):
Click to enlarge

I have both fronts done and I'm better than half way up the back.

I actually haven't worked on this sweater for well over a year. The gauge is tight... just like I like it! However, it's a DK weight yarn (KnitPicks Merino Style) on size 3 needles. While I was working on it last year, I started getting some severe pain in my arm and I thought it was from the tight gauge, so I stopped working on it. The pain was in fact due to shingles and had nothing to do with the actual knitting... yet I've been wary of working on it again.

Well, I worked on it yesterday, and I remember why I started it in the first place: I love basketweave patterns! My only concern for the sweater on me is the placement of the "lasso"... right at my full bust. However, I think the verticle lines of the bottom section will be very flattering and I love the density and weight of the fabric. And what can I say about the color? Yum!!!

So fingers crossed, I can continue to work on this for a bit, while I prepare for my upcoming classes. The Spring Forward class is filling up and I have my own homework to prepare.

Off to knit!!! well, and maybe run to the grocery store. eh.

Keep on knittin'!

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  1. The way you say "first up" makes me think you have found a lot of WIPs there! I'm amazed you can do so many projects at once. This year I am sticking to 2 or 3 at the most if I have to knit a gift. :)

    I am now completely envious that you went to Moore and have a degree in illustration. Next thing I know, you'll tell me you know how to use the Illustrator program on a mac and do all sorts of graphic design. :)


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