Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not So Fast, But Still Easy

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The Lasso Gansey is moving along nicely. I said yesterday that I'm going to switch my focus from fast and easy projects and try to get done some of my more complex projects that are sitting here... well, the confession of the Lasso Gansey is that it's not complex. It's actually a nice relaxing and easy knit... however, the tight gauge and size 3 needles keeps it from being a fast project, that's for sure!!!

This is one of those projects that I know I'm going to love wearing when it's finished. I wasn't sure of the color when I first got it, but it certainly has grown on me (and I have several yarns in my "collection" that are in the same color family).

Ya, so that whole "fast and easy" thing didn't last an entire day, as my copy of One Skein Wonders showed up (around 4:00 pm).
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Ya, it's fast and easy. Heehee. I'm using Plymouth's Bella Colour. Yet an other example of a cotton/acrylic blend. I have to say it's fast becoming my favorite fiber. I like the cotton, but knitting with 100% is hard on the hands. The acrylic makes it much more comfortable to knit, and I think it helps the cotton keep it's shape. However, it's not banding as much as I had hoped. I was expecting the color repeats to be a bit longer. Doesn't matter, as I still really like the way it's coming out and it's going to be a cute little bag when it's finished. I'll probably line it for either a summer purse or maybe a sock bag for all those socks I knit (bwahahaha).

Debby: yes, back in the day, I used Illustrator and Quark Xpress. However, it's been too many years since I've used either, that it would be like not knowing anything!

As far as number of projects on the needles right now? Well, I have to say I seriously have no idea. I'm sure it's the triple numbers... I have a short attention span. I love starting stuff, but I'm always easily distracted by an other project (see post above).

I'll work on the Lasso Gansey today and I should start some swatches for the Spring Forward class. I want to make up samples of cables washed and unwashed to show the example of how different yarns react differently to cables (ie: Ballybrae really relaxes the cables when washed, but Cascade 220 doesn't... and both are 100% wool). However, who wants to bet that I spend time with my little drawstring purse instead?

Keep On Knittin'!!


  1. I love the color of that Gansey you are working on. I started working on that same little drawstring bag and I was having problems with the pattern stitch. I had some pretty good size holes ( so I thought) when I switched to the pattern stitch. Are there holes in yours at the bottom edge. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Your's looks good and adorable.

  2. I am using Rowan cotton for my camisole, which seems to be better than the Tahki Cotton Classic, but I still find it's not as nice as other fibers to knit with.

    I don't know if you are interested, but there is a new webring called Cycling Knitters and we'd love to have you join us. Here is the information:

    Greeley is in need of a cycling knitters button, which I'm trying to do on the PC (haven't learned our new Mac very well yet). That is why I am especially envious of your art background. It's much easier to learn in class than at home sometimes. :)

  3. (That's what happens when you're not signed onto AIM!)


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