Monday, March 19, 2007

Body Awareness

I haven't finished a project for myself in a while that I've been happy with. I'm having fit issues or it's not the right style for me.

Here's the question... am I being honest with myself about how my body is actually built?

No one has the perfect body and we all deal with fitting issues. So I don't believe that I'm not dealing with something that every knitter deals with.

The Ribby Cardy is done with the exception of the zipper. I'm running into my usual issues with it.

The back is too large (I am small across the back). It's tight in the upper sleeves (yes, we know that I consistantly have upper arm issues) and of course we have the boob issue. The side ribbing, while showing waist definition (something that I love) makes it a snug bust fit.

I think the sweater is quite lovely and it was a great deal of fun to knit (obviously... took me about a week). I'm hoping that Matt will wear it (he loves the style and the fit, but not the tweedy yarn).

I'll do a full review once I have the zipper in (and hey, maybe that's all it needs for me to be happy with the fit? Who knows?)

Debby: Yes, I have a BFA in Illustration from Moore College of Art & Design. I no longer do any painting/drawing (except to sketch knitting patterns or doodling. I'm an obsessive doodler). I truely enjoyed my college education and Moore is a great environment and I wouldn't change a thing... except maybe my major! I actually looked into going back to get a degree in Textiles.

Yep, instead of racing on Saturday, Matt spent all day chipping out the driveway (2" of compressed sleet and ice). I think he worked harder doing that than doing a race. They'll try again this Saturday at Mt. Joy. Hopefully most of the mess will be gone!

Acornbud: I'll have pictures tomorrow of the Ribby Cardi. I'm going out today to get the zipper!

I'm off to Morgantown today to Olde Peddler Wools, so I have a few errands planned!

Keep on Knittin'!

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