Thursday, February 01, 2007


See those clever titles just keep on coming!

Okay, I think I'm suffering a bit from the Blog Blahs. As I said to myself this morning "oh crap, I guess I should blog... especially since I didn't blog yesterday". That's probably a good indication of Blog Blahs.

But I'm here, blogging. See?

Okay, maybe it's not just Blog Blahs, but also a little winter blahs. The concentration thing is hitting again... a little of this, a little of that, a little starting, not finishing... ya blah blah blah.

I am making some progress... I could finish the crochet hippy cardigan (since that's what we all think of it as...). I worked quite a bit on the second sleeve yesterday. All the increases are done, so I just need to check the length. Then I just have the ties to make. I could have it done today.

I'm still plugging away on Matt's Because I Love You sweater. Can I just say that he's going to look super in this sweater... and that's good motivation.

I got a third motif done on the crochet shawl. It is stunning. The lace wool yarn is a little touchy to crochet (since the hook catches the plies) but it's so worth it. It will be one knock out wrap when it's done.

My crochet beanie is too small. I needed to do one more round of increases I believe, so I'll rip it back to fix.

I spent yesterday on the afghan block for my Taste of Aran Afghan class, which is Saturday. We started with one of the easiest blocks, so I got it done pretty quickly. Our next block has a bobble in it, so that will take a bit longer. (also did I mention how sorry I am that I'm doing yet an other cream colored afghan??? My next one will be red!!! bright cherry red! no more cream!!!).

I didn't get to sew yesterday, but I hope to get to that today. So watch for a new tote on Etsy tomorrow...

So, a little of this, a little of that (and I'm working on my Simply Stripes shrug again... thanks to Theresa's gorgeous one). It explains why nothing is getting done (I can't believe I didn't finish anything in January... except for some very small fast projects...). Okay February is for Finishing!!!!! I want to get 3 projects done this month!!!!!

Lots to do...Keep on Knittin'!

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