Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blog Title #1054a

Ya, since moving to blogger, coming up with daily titles gets old...

Anyway, I just put up an other tote bag on Etsy. Still no sales yet. I'm hoping that I'm not wasting time and money.

So anyway, let's talk about what I'm working on.

I have two projects that I'm on the second sleeve. Why can't I just get them done??? The crochet shrug/cardigan is well into the second sleeve and Matt's Because I Love You sweater is half way thru the increases on the second sleeve. Neither project has a lot of finishing after the sleeves are done... so why is it so hard to just focus on them??

Maybe 'cause I'm easily distracted. I ordered a couple of books from Amazon.jp yesterday and I pulled out one of my Japanese crochet books... to work on this shawl:

The thing I looove about Japanese crochet patterns? They're 100% charted. No written directions at all. I find written crochet directions extremely difficult. Okay, I just like pictures. It's easier for me to see where the stitches go when I have a graph than to explain to me verbally what I'm supposed to do.

So I made two motifs yesterday (well, actually 3, but my first one was too large, so I went down a few hook sizes). I'm using a beautiful hand dyed lace weight wool gifted to me. It might not have the same drape as the silk Japanese one, but the red is just stunning.

So while it's stunning, I must try to finish up one of these "almost" done projects. So off to concentrate on the crochet cardy sleeve!

Keep on Knittin'!


  1. Hi Cindy, You might try posting the bags on a Yahoo group for knitting sales. There's one at knitting-forsale.

  2. I'm just having a hard time deciding which one I want ;-)


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