Monday, January 29, 2007

There is Actual Knitting Content...

but you'll have to look for it.

I got Matt's crochet beanie done:

I would say it was a resounding sucess. He wore it yesterday and it was just right. Thin enough to fit under his bike helmet, absorbed the sweat nicely and it didn't felt to his hair (heehee).

I like it so much, I started one for me:
The sock yarns really do work well for this. That's Fearless Fibers superwash sock yarn in the Sublime color way. Yummy! I've added an eyelet row every 10 rounds just to keep myself from getting bored.

So that's the crochet content for the day (and the only photos).

I spent all day yesterday with the tote bags. I'll have an other tote to put up on Etsy later today (waiting for decent light for photographs). This will be a knitting themed bag (with kitties!).

Now the knitting content!

I've divided the Sitcom Chic for the armholes and cast on the first sleeve. I then went looking for my size 8 dpns. I either don't have any or they're in a project (tho' I haven't the faintest idea what project I have that would require size 8 dpns). So it's been put on hold until I can pop out and get a set.

Matt's Because I Love You sweater is progressing niceley. Second sleeves are tough. Especially when they're boring, say like in a 2 X 2 rib... but it's getting there and I think it'll be done in time for Valentine's Day (which is very appropriate, eh?).

So I've got a few errands to run today (and it's messy out... so I won't be taking the new car. Sigh) and I hope to work on some totes!

Have a super great Monday!
Keep On Knittin'!

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  1. Great beanies! Now you've got me trying to crochet a hat! I started one for Lydia yesterday but it was wayyy too big. Ripped to the increase row and will try again. Thanks for the inspiration!


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