Friday, January 26, 2007

Not much here...

Not much to report here...

I'm still on a crochet kick and decided to do some quick charity hats while the mood struck me:

The bottom one is still in progress.

Pretty fast and easy. Matt asked for one (the tan and cranberry is too girly for him... I mean it actually has a color in it!) but he wants it for when he rides. That makes some issues. I can't use anything that will felt. So no alpaca and no pure wool. I don't want to use acrylic, as it will get wet while he's riding (he's been known to sweat a bit) and acrylic just wouldn't be warm once it got wet. I did a little stash diving and I'm thinking sock yarns might be the best solution. I dug out some Opal Cotton in colors that he can live with (browns and denim) and I'll see how it works up. The combo of cotton and wool might work really well. The cotton might absorb the moisture and the wool will keep his head warm. We'll see.

Speaking of stuff for Matt, proof that the Because I Love You sweater is progressing:
One sleeve done and the second under way!

Not much will get done today crafting wise. We have dinner guests coming tonight (and the house is a complete mess). So I'll be cleaning/cooking today. At least I'm not going out in the freezing cold!!!!

Keep warm!!!!

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