Monday, February 26, 2007

As Promised....

I has one of those super marathon knitting weekends. Got lots of progress on a couple of projects.

Including the 8 year continuing project:
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Matt's Natural Beauty Fair Isle sweater. Now this project was started in 1999. I may have mentioned that Matt's lost a bit of weight over the last few years. I originally started this with a 54" finished size. Ya, that wasn't going to work, so I did restart it to the smallest size (44"... but it's actually coming out smaller than that, but then it's not blocked yet). I also decided not to do it flat as per the instructions. Then just as Matt and I were choosing a pattern for the Shadyside yarn I got in Pittsburgh, he informed me he didn't like V neck sweaters. Huh? where did that come from? So I asked him about this one.... and he said he didn't want the V neck on it either.

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So after a lot of playing with collar options, I ended up just doing a solid color ribbed neckline. I tried to do the corrugated ribbing, but it just wouldn't lay right. While it looks great with the V neck, I just didn't like it on the crew. He likes it, and that's all that matters (me, I much preferred the V neck. Think it would look great on him).

So the body is done, after many starts, restarts and about 8 years... I did cast on the first sleeve (also switched to working in the round). The ribbing is done, but I hate the dpn's I'm using for the fair isle section. I'm either going to get new ones or I'll switch to two circs.

However, here's the love of my current projects right now:
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Must Have Cardigan

I did a quick gauge check ('cause let's not forget I'm sorta flying by the seat of my pants on this one) and instead of 20 sts to 4" (as per the directions), I'm getting about 17 sts to 4" in the moss stitch. I'm ending up with a 44" finished size, just where I want it to be. I will be adding just a little length to the armholes (it's designed for 8", and I would prefer 8.5" or even 9". I'll have to adjust the sleeve cap a bit to compensate, but it shouldn't be an issue (she's says cockily... let's see how many times I'll reknit it!).

I'm making this one in very inexpensive easy care yarn, but if it works out, I'll probably do a wool one (hmmm... Peace Fleece or Bartlett Yarns... that's about the gauge I'll get). However, I needed a high wear, easy care cardigan. I've been wearing this one all winter, and I could use a cardigan for the same type of usage (again, I can't clean toilets in cashmere!).

So the goal is to get the back done today, then I think I'll tackle the sleeves, as that's my biggest concern for fit.

The Fall Back Cardigan is on hold... very temporarily, as I try to finish up the Must Have Cardigan. I also have been working on the Sitcom Chic (simple st. st. is a nice break!).

I'm certainly not planning on going anywhere today. The snowfall was absolutely beautiful yesterday, but just like the last storm, it switched to freezing rain and I'm not a fan of ice. So it's a good day to be productive!!!

Keep on Knittin'!

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  1. Your sweaters look beautiful! You sure are getting a lot done. We had ice too but I think not as much as you did. The roads are clear this morning.


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