Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Before the Emails Start

Oh, I guess I need to update, since I skipped yesterday (but posting twice over the weekend should give me a day off, right?).

No pictures today, but the Fall Back Cardigan is moving along. I'll have the back to the arm depth today. Then hopefully I'll be able to start one of the fronts. I haven't been working on much else. The Must Have Cardigan has the back finished, but I've yet to cast on the first sleeve. I need to get the Fall Back done as a shop sample for Olde Peddlers Wool in Morgantown. We're going to offer this as a class for the Spring.

I have done some other knitting: the Brooks Fiber Farm scarf is moving along and I'm on the second sleeve of my Sitcom Chic.

Not much else going on. I've been working on Matt's blog and playing Beyond Good and Evil (which I'm really enjoying so far).

Okay, off to knit!

Keep on Knittin!

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