Sunday, February 25, 2007

Obsession II

I don't know what it is about this pattern, but I sure do get obsessed with it...

I spent most of yesterday afternoon on the Fall Back Cardigan. Well worth it:
Click Me To Make Me Bigger!!!

I'm right on with the Spring Forward. Yay (oh and ignore how far I am... I discovered late last night that I have a wrong crossed cable row in the center panel, so I'll be frogging back quite a bit).

Sonya asked me about compensating for the smaller neck opening. I thought I would go over what I did.

First, I followed Janet's fabulous FLAK directions. It's all about swatching, sizing and knitting to fit. Basically that's what I did with my Spring Forward. I took the second attempt at the Spring Forward and used it as my "swatch".

Now I have narrow, rounded shoulders, so I didn't want to make longer saddles. I removed all filler stitches in the shoulder area, so that saved me some stitches. I also only had 34 rows on the saddles, yet I needed to pick up 43 stitches for the shoulders. What I ended up doing for that is going ahead and only picking up the 34, then I increased (stratigically) on my first row. I did my increases where the cables would be crossing. This actually worked out well, as it compensates for any cable splay.

If you compare the two photos (the one from yesterday and the one from today), you'll see I just moved the 3X3 cable to the saddle and just used the center cable pattern for the neck opening. Also, like the Spring Forward, I also mirrored that 3X3 cable.

I do plan on adding a cable to the front this time. Since I have a finished one to compare to, I should be able to figure out where I want to add it.

So for someone that was going to concentrate on the Must Have Cardigan and Matt's Natural Beauty Fair Isle, I'm again completely obsessed with this pattern. I think it's just stunning, and I know that I've put a lot of time into getting it to fit me, but it's completely worth it.

However, I do promise tomorrow to have updated photos of Matt's Natural Beauty and I still hope to get some more work done on the Must Have Cardigan (and I'll get a picture of that as well).

Another storm is brewing (more ice... blah!) so I plan on getting a lot of knitting in over the next couple of days... well, at least until the games I ordered come in!

Keep on Knittin'

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  1. Thank you for explaining your process, Cindy. It is a stunning design and deserving of obsession. I'm looking forward to seeing your Must Have progress too.


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