Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello 2007!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday... ours was pretty relaxing:

Today we're back to the old day to day grind. I'm thinking I might head to the gym around 5:00 this afternoon... I'm sure it won't be busy. (okay, let me be honest: we joined the gym several weeks ago and I still haven't gone once. However, it's inspired me with my home workouts. So I'm paying a monthly gym fee to keep me motivated to workout at home???)

Actually, while I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions, I do usually try to get a little better organized at the beginning of the year. I do have some things that I need to prepare for.

I'll be teaching my first knitting class (to strangers) on Saturday. I need to get a little better organized and have some kind of lesson plan set up so I don't come across like the unorganized scatter brain that I am...

The other thing? Yes, I'll be starting to sell totes on Etsy. I'm still in the planning and research phase, but I should have some totes up for sale in a few weeks. They'll be a good size to carry knitting projects around in.

As far as knitting goes? Hmmm... I'm sort of jumping from project to project a bit right now. The Jean Frost Cardigan is moving along fairly well... just about to the armhole shaping for the left front. I've also been working on the Shelia Meyer Cardigan... which is a bit boring right now, but once I'm in the cable section, it's going to be a fun knit.

I did cast on a new project. Our SnB group wanted to start the tradition of casting on a new project for the new year in memory of all the knitters before us. Susan said she was going to do the Sitcom Chic and I thought that sounded like a great choice, so we're doing a little KAL for it! So it's cast on in the Mulberry Cara Mia. It's a lot of st. st. but I so love the Cara Mia that I'm enjoying it.

Well, I guess I should go sort laundry, decide what to have for dinner and maybe even vacuum or something. Or I could just knit....

Keep On Knittin'!

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I hope you decided just to sit and knit!! Laundry can wait.


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