Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Too Many Cardigans?

The Jean Frost Cardigan is moving along. I usually struggle with shaping in lace, but this lace pattern is a no brainer and it's moving along nicely.

I will say that there is an "official" name for this cardigan: "bobbly-pointed edges". Which has two problems. One, I decided not to do the bobbles (since they're right at the widest part of my hips... don't need extra fabric there!) and it's a really stupid name. I realize that The Jean Frost Cardigan isn't much better... espeically if I make an other cardigan designed my Jean Frost, but what else to call it? Hmmm... let's see. I'm using Cotton Ease in Pistasio. The Pistasio Cardigan? Any other suggestions welcomed! (and don't forget that I'm a huge Surrealist fan... "Early Morning Frost Served with Pistasios on Laced Cables")

Anyway, The Sitcom Chic is also moving along:
I really do love the way the Cara Mia knits up. It's so soft and "squishy".

That's about all I did yesterday. I did look at the new Cotton Ease pattern on the Lion Brand site (it's a crochet "matinee" pattern...the link requires registration on the Lion Brand site. hrumph). While I love the shape, I don't like the weight. Crochet is bulky enough and using a worsted weight yarn and hdc makes for a pretty bulky cardigan. However, I really love the shape. I might play with some crochet stitches and a smaller yarn to see if I can come up with something that I'm more likely to wear.

And no, there's no such thing as too many cardigan.

Keep on knittin'!

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