Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crochet Is Addictive

The Crochet Shrug is moving aong very very quickly. If I wasn't lengthning it, I would be way past the V neck shaping.

I have to admit that while I love doing crochet, I find it really hard to find patterns that I like done in crochet. I'm very picky. One of the keys is the weight of the yarn. The heavier weight yarns look like afghans when crocheted. I was thrilled to find a handful of crochet patterns at Dreamweaver Yarns that I love.

I'm in search of yarn to make this right now:
The pattern calls for Rowan's Wool/Cotton and Kidsilk Haze work together. I know I'll have problems with the Kidsilk, I would prefer a cotton. I did try Elann's Sonata (a perfect crochet yarn), but my gauge is way off so I either have to make a different size (a serious consideration) with current gauge or find an other yarn. I'm leaning towards just changing the pattern.

So no knitting for a few days, and I ended up not sewing totes yesterday. I did check the Because I Love You Sweater on Matt last night and I was right.. the armholes aren't deep enough. While a woman's size works well with Matt, I have to remember that he needs deeper armholes than most women. So I'll frog off what I got done and start again. I may even do them traditionally: casting on the cuff and working up. Might be easier in the long run.

Off to do some crafting! Lot's to do... and a little of everything planned for today!


  1. The Crochet shrug looks beautiful!

  2. Your crochet looks beautiful!

    I'm so glad to see another French Girl pattern on someone's blog. Please let me know if you like it. I've just bought the Diamanta wrap and am hunting for Oceane. I hope the patterns aren't too difficult to work with -- they certainly are beautiful!

  3. Teach me, TEACH ME!!!!!

  4. Thanks Nicole!!

    Debby: click the link of the French Girl pattern in my blog and it will take you to Dreamweaver Yarns... they carry a lot French Girl patterns (including both the ones you mentioned).

    Good thing you're not demanding Lauren....


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