Monday, January 08, 2007

A Quick One (sans pictures)

It's a completely miserable Monday morning here. Dreary and rainy, and the temps will drop as the day goes. It looks like our upcoming week will be a rollercoaster of changing temps.

So my first class went okay. I had two very eager students. We're making the Taste Of Aran Afghan. Darlene and I had hoped that we could do it in 12 months (two blocks a month), but I think that's too much for the students. So we'll just do one block a month for 20 months.

The rest of the weekend was spent working on totes. My biggest problem with them is the amount of interfacing I'm using. I like the feel of it, but since I interface both the bag and the lining, I'm going thru more than I expected. Of course that also effects my cost. I don't want to change how I make them, as I really like the way they're working out, but I've got to find a more affordable sourse for fusible interfacing (meaning, I need to look into wholesale... meaning a tax id number... meaning I have to charge sales tax in PA... meaning more paper work).

I did start yet an other project! Woo-hoo! Eight days into the new year and I think I've already started 4 projects! That might be some kind of record, even for me!

I bought a bunch of crochet patterns last week from Dreamweaver Yarns (ya, a good source for crochet patterns). This is the one that I worked on this weekend:

I'm lengthening the body a bit so it hits my waist. I love how fast crochet is!!!!

So today, I'm going to throw on some loud hard rock and sew up some totes!!! I'm hoping to have my Etsy shop up by the end of the week!!!

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  1. can't wait for the etsy shop! you can always get the tax ID and sell only wholesale but then - no etsy :(


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