Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yet An Other Thrilling Post!

Thanks for the get well wishes. I believe they worked. I'm feeling much much better today. Being lazy for two days I think helped too. (Note to self: when Matt offers to make dinner when I'm not feeling well, review the menu. Spicey Indian dishes might not be the best choice when feeling a bit nausious...)

So anyway, hunkering down into my knitting nest has been very productive. The first sleeve for the Lopi sweater has only one increase to go, then just straight knitting until the end. Should get that done today, no problem. Then if I stay on schedule, the second sleeve will be done on Friday, meaning I can attatch them and start the yoke!

Since I'm feeling better, I'm planning on some sewing and "crafting" for some gifts today. I want to get something crossed off my to do list, just to feel like I'm getting something done. So I'm actually going to finish something today. No Matter What!

Matt's off to get an MRI this morning for his calf. The doctor said no more riding until they find out what's wrong. He'll probably be doing some physical therapy, but let's hope he's back on the bike soon.

Okay, so I'm feeling bad that I don't have any photos... so let's start the annual "year in review" of projects?

Let's start with the Cropped Cardigan Redux:

I was thrilled with how this project turned out. Just a quick background story. I originally did this pattern several years ago (and about 60 lbs ago) and the first one was just too big for me. I always loved the style and the fit. I thought I would completely change the look of the sweater by choosing a different yarn. The original was done in Bartlett's 2 ply Shetland. I chose Elann's Alpaca for this one. I was surprised at how well the cables worked out and it has a lovely drape. It's was a fast knit (the back is just straight moss stitch). I wear this cardigan quite a bit. (I know I'll get a comment about the pattern... it's from Paton's Canadian Living booklet and is out of print. Try Ebay... or keep an eye out for it to be republished by Leisure Arts... I've noticed that quite a few of the patterns from this booklet have shown up in some of their publications... oh and if you google the title, you'll just end up back here. I'll also warn that "Cropped Cardigan" is not an official name. Patons didn't name their sweaters then. It's just numbered in the booklet). So anyway, this was the first finished project of 2006 (but it was mostly done in 2005). I definitely got the year off on the right foot, as I love this cardigan!

Okay... off to see how much more I can get done in 2006!

Keep On Knittin!

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