Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's The Same Day Every Year

Yet I'm a perpetual procrastinator. Why do something today when it can be dealt with later?

So the first sleeve is cast on for the Lopi sweater. I'm still on the ribbing. I haven't stepped foot in my sewing room for almost a week now (well, that's not completely true. We had to move a couch up to it to make room for the Christmas tree) and I haven't crossed anything off my to do list.

Remind me again that I don't like making Christmas gifts...

Anyway, since I've got lots to do, wouldn't it be just grand if I came down with a stomach bug? So of course I did. Nothing horrific, but low grade fevers make me punchy (ya, you read yesterday's blog). Luckily I can still knit and that's the plan for today. I'll pop in a movie or two, snuggle into my knitting nest (covered in hand crafted afghans... it's freakin' COLD!) and plug away on the Lopi sweater sleeves. I think I can get both sleeves done this week.

In other health related news, Matt's finally going to the doctor's about his calf. At the end of racing season, it started bothering him and nothing he's tried has shown any improvement (including not biking... ya, that was a fun period. Think of not knitting for two weeks). So he's off to get a second opinion. Don't you love that he thinks going to a doctor is a "second" opinion? *cough*

Well, I'm off to crank up the heat, snuggle under the afghan and knit.

Keep On Knittin'!


  1. Hope you are feeling better today; you have a good plan for recuperation. It's finally cold enough here so I can wear my Misti Alpaca sweater for the first time - yum. And I hope the dr. can figure out what is wrong with Matt's leg and can fix it. Yeah, men and doctors and procrastination, I know what that's like.

  2. Cuddle up and enjoy yourself! Hope you feel better soon.

    I had some sort of stomach bug over the weekend, that wasn't pleasant -- and it interfered with the desire to knit...... That was scary ;-)

  3. Good luck for Matt-- and I hope you feel better too! Missed you last night...


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