Monday, December 04, 2006

WARNING: Most Exciting Content EVER!!!

So you've been warned. Check out this exciting photo:
Be sure to click on that photo for an even more detailed view. Dog hair and all.

Okay, if you need to take a moment to recover from the excitment I can wait. Take deep breaths to even out the heart rate. You might want to check your hair too. That kind of excitment can just blow you right out of your chair and I want to be sure you're okay.

Okay? Recovered? Let me honestly say it hasn't been that bad to knit. It's mindless so it's good movie/football watching knitting. I am plugging along fairly quickly on it and the yarn is just lovely to work with. Plus it could be a lot worse. Like a black fingering weight in stockinette stitch. (ya, I don't think I love him that much. He can go buy that sweater).

So since it actually hasn't been that bad to knit, I'm already thinking that it is nice to have a basic 2x2 ribbed sweater. Maybe I need one too. In hot pink! Someday!

In other knitting news: I'm also still plugging away on the Lopi sweater that I'm knitting on commission. I'm about ready to cast on the sleeves. Bulky does go fast! Only 20 days left before Christmas! Yikes, I need to get this done in 2 weeks.

So I've been working on an other pair of socks (yes, I know. Why not finish one of the pairs I've already started. Um. 'cause I don't want to?)

That's the Fearless Fiber yarn in Thoroughbred. Ya, the camera doesn't even begin to show how incredibly beautiful this yarn is. I'm not kidding when I say Deb dyes the most beautiful colors I've ever seen. Plus the yarn is just so soft. (go and look, I'll wait).

So what did you buy?? heehee
Oh, you wanted to know what pattern I'm using? Well, it's from Stitches of Violet and a nice basketweave rib. I love basketweave patterns and the subtle (yet gorgeous) colors of the Thoroughbred yarn really works well.

Okay, I have waaaay too much to do today. Really. (did you see where I said I had 2 weeks to finish a Lopi sweater... and dammit, why do we keep eating the food I buy. Now I have to go get more).

Keep On Knittin'!

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  1. Can't wait to see the sock in person - it's looks really nice.


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