Friday, December 01, 2006

I so do not have a problem...

I did get half of my sewing project done yesterday and I'll finish it up today. I swear.

I did knit a few rows on Matt's Because I Love You Sweater. I swear.

I did continue on the gusset decrease on the Pomatomus sock. I swear.

I didn't work on the Lopi sweater or any other project that I need to get done. Or any other gift on my list.

So what else did I do?

Well, I bought some sock yarn. Actually lot's of sock yarn.

It's well known that I stalk Etsy. Specifically Fearless Fiber's yarns.

I have two projects started with Deb's lovely lovely yarn. I've started a shawl in Saltwater Taffy and I started a basket weave sock in Thoroughbred. I love this yarn. Her sense of color is just beautiful and the yarn is just yummy.
The Thoroughbred yarn is a subtle tone on tone yarn that actually "glows". The way it's been dyed does make it look like a thoroughbred horse in the sunlight. Gorgeous!

So ya. I'm being productive. Buying more yarn. Starting yet an other sock (and I've discovered that once I turn the heel on a sock, I lose interest in. I don't even get as far to finish the first to even get to second sock syndrome).

I'll finish up the sewing project today, work on some other gifts (probably Matt's Because I Love You sweater) and try not to buy more sock yarn. Or cast on an other pair (here's the real question... for someeone that doesn't knit a lot of socks, where do I keep finding these size 1.5 dpns? I don't remember buying all these needles... maybe The Knitting Goddess WANTS me to cast on dozens of socks and keeps leaving sets of dpns around for me to feel obligated to have something on them... as it's well known how I feel about empty needles...)

Keep on Knittin'!

Edit added: I had to turn on comments moderation. I've been getting spam comments the last couple of days. So comments won't show up until I approve them. So sorry, but too many jerks out there.
Also Added: All the yarn is from Fearless Fibers (sorry I didn't make that clear!) Ya, go buy some. Before I do! BWAHAHAHA!!!!


  1. As long as your having fun with all of your projects. Fun is what matters isn't it!
    Those yarn colors are very pretty, where did you get them?

  2. Love those colors! I may need to meander over to get some......

  3. Nicole: all the yarn shown is from Fearless Fibers. I've linked to her Etsy shop in the post (right under the 4 skeins of yarn).

    Deb's service is fab, fast and friendly and I can't get over how soft the yarn is. Her prices are great!

  4. I love the colors too!! I wished I knited socks....


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