Thursday, December 07, 2006

Clever title #245

My To-Do list is finally starting to get a wee bit smaller. I finished up one of the big projects on my list and got my "printing" done (some calanders and my Christmas cards). I also was able to get the first sleeve done for the Lopi sweater. I'll cast on the second sleeve today and drop the calanders off at Office Max for binding.

So let's continue with the year in review. Today we'll talk about one of my all time favorite projects: Sam the Ram

This was my Olympic Challenge project. It was perfect for it. Just the right amount of time to work on. It was difficult to do (I had to actually read the directions) and it was interesting. I love the way he turned out, which is why he's now a perminent part of my blog. You'll also notice him pop up in background shots, as he happily sits on the mantle in my family room.

So yet an other successful project in 2006. I did get the Sue the Ewe pattern, but not sure when I'll get around to knitting her.

So I'm off to run some errands, cast on a sleeve see if there's anything else I can cross off my to do list....

Keep on Knittin'!


  1. Sam the Ram is cool! Did you get the kit or just the instructions? I have enough yarn to get just the instructions, but a kit is a nice Christmas gift to ask Santa for too. Also wanted to take the time to say I enjoy reading your blog even though my life has pulled me away from knitting a bit. I posted on the Spring Forward group. I'd LOVE to get that done next year!


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